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– A pair of glasses is great to have, but you do not always want to carry them.
MONOLENS is the alternative, when you are not in intense reading modus
– you just want to read a few words or sentences,
and would rather leave your glasses at home.

MONOLENS is the answer!

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Advantages of Monolens

Around the age of 45, we get presbyopic, and need reading glasses.

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Third generation optician

Optometrist KIH Certified Optician Geir Sivertzen from Norway is the man behi

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It’s Always There

MONOLENS is the alternative when you are not in intense reading mode – you j

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Right or left eye ?

Generally people will use their dominant eye when positioning the MONOLENS. This is very often the right eye, and they will hold it in the right hand. However, if need to write or type, the best solution will probably be to hold the lens with the left hand, in front of the left eye..

How to use ?

The best way to position the MONOLENS, might be to place the thumb below the right corner of the eye, on the upper part of the cheek, fixing it from unstability and holding the lens parallel to the eye, moving the OBJECT and not the lens to focus.

Frank A. Jensen, Lofoten

I never find my glasses when I need them in a hectic day. With Monolens, I can always get away with reading some small text.

Anders Thomassen MD LESS Ltd

With monolens around my neck, I am now perfectly prepared to read what I need to read anywhere. I never leave home without it.

Piera Milani

GREAT! Now I do not need to bring my reading glasses with me 24/7. I can see well without glasses, but there are sometimes some details.