Advantages of Monolens

Around the age of 45, we get presbyopic, and need reading glasses.

A pair of glasses is great to have, but you do not always want to carry them. MONOLENS is the alternative, when you are not in intense reading mode – you just want to read a few words or sentenses, and would rather leave your glasses at home.

These are some of the situations where MONOLENS comes in very handy:

  • When shopping. You do not have to bring your glasses, you just swing up your MONOLENS when you need to read an expiry date, the price or the content description on a product.
  • At a party. If you do not really need glasses to see and orient yourself, leave your glasses behind, and dress up with your MONOLENS. Just let it hang under your jacket. The menu and the bill will never again be a problem.
  • When wearing contact lenses. If you wear lenses, you have already made up your mind that you are not too keen on relying on a pair of glasses.
  • Wearing sunglasses. It is NOT a good solution to put one pair of reading glasses on top of your sunglasses to see something close to you. MONOLENS…
  • At the beach. When you swing by the beach bar after a swim, you are lost when the barman hands you the menu – unless you have a MONOLENS around your neck (or a pair of reading glasses in your swimming pants …) YES – it is waterproof.
  • Hunting. You already have a LOT of gear, and do not necessarily want a pair of glasses around your neck, or in the pockets, just to check out some details on the weapon or the map.
  • When checking the cell phone. Text messages might be a problem when you have passed 45 or 50. DO you really want to bring a pair of glasses just to be able to check your phone, or do you have a MONOLENS around your neck?
  • And many more…
  • YOUR use of MONOLENS. Send us a tip on why MONOLENS is useful (preferably with a photo), and win an extra MONOLENS.